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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Residual Effects From The Oil Slick

At 7:58 pm, I get a text from my sister (Jan Brady) asking if I would come  Tomorrow (Monday) and lend her a hand with her Business. I haven't answered yet because I am still feeling the sting of Oil-Gate. Actually, that's not only why I am apprehensive, I didn't go to the Pharmacy... still out of medication. This weekend wasn't the greatest, there was too much going on in my head... I also have been battling a head cold, no energy and Insomnia has been rampant. My ass has been kicked from every angle... it would seem. The only bright spot was that I had ONLY 2 Anxiety attacks. Still, I can feel  Depression trying to sneak and steal the Crown...WE are not AMUSED !!!


  1. Hey DM hope things are okay .Keep writing i realy enjoy reading your story .What is up with your part time husband .M

  2. M,
    Well, it is... what it is. You can't force folks to behave the way that you feel they should, can you? Beautiful*Adams