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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The day has been slow and unproductive. I'm longing for the night to come, even if I'm not fortunate to produce a "well slept" corpse tomorrow morning. Yes... I know corpse is a morbid word to equate with your own living shell, but this is an example of what I meant in my disclaimer. I will be "honest" and will not "sugar-coat" what I have to say. I fully exercise my right to do so, without intentionally offending others.  By the way, I found out from Jan Brady (my middle sister) that mother IS using the "Holy Royal Oil" to anoint her OWN forehead. JB reported that she walked in the room and saw the mark of the cross glistening on mother. Now I am left wondering who gave her the authority to perform such sacred acts? Just joking about the last sentence!
Heee Heee ;-D

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