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Monday, January 11, 2010

Yesterday was horrible, today is worse. Mood swings have decided to dominate as many hours that appear on the clock. If this is a test of some "kind", by some "thing"... I am passing... however, not with the highest score in the class!!  TOMORROW, victory is mine... I hope!


  1. Hey girl, so tomorrow is here, hope it has been better for you. What do you do to occupy your mind when you are feeling this torment?

  2. Hi Treece,
    Sometimes I just play games on the computer, try to watch a movie, meditate/pray, or write, read. However, my thoughts still get in the way of those things, the things I ADORED doing. Talking to others help also... just have to be careful with whom I speak with, 'cause "they" can increase the stress/anxiety a hundred times over. Basically, I just wing it!!