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Saturday, February 27, 2010

No News

Let's see... I am still feeling unwell and super tired in spirit. I was going to try to write a "piece" for my really good friend's site this evening. However, settling on a topic has been problematic because there is so much in me that needs to be said, yet... IT or I refuses to allow it to completely come forth. I'm kind of thinking that this is some sort of coping mechanism. However, if it is... why now? I mean, I assumed that for years I had been very accomplished in/at the "sport" of releasing my thoughts/beliefs/words. Yes, I have notebooks/scraps of paper/copy-written material/disks~ floppy's/Cd's galore upholding that testament. Mind you... I'm not saying it's all worth reading/owning/claiming, but it IS me expressing! Not being fully able to do so now, is somewhat ludicrous, and very unappealing. And I will not stand for it! Well, maybe I will.... just for the weekend!

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