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Monday, April 26, 2010

~~Ongoing List of Hates That Shouldn't Matter

Grown folks that allow tear juice to gather and drip from their nose.
 When women refer to their spouse/boyfriend as "my old man".
 Cow eyes, I hate it when they look directly at me.
 When a chick decides that its a good idea to work sandals with rusty/chalky heels/feet.
 People walking around jingling their janitor keys (60 keys on 3 key rings).
 When seniors in high school say Prom instead of The Prom. 
 When a woman describes another woman/rival as "female".
 People referring to currency as scrilla.
 Someone refers to their home as "their joint/pad".
 Low talkers... people that speak in whisper, when chatting to the opposite sex.

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