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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Things I Hate, That Shouldn't Matter ~ongoing list~

When someone refers to a situation/case/course and they use "I was there from day one"!
When someone asks "What do you have a taste for"? As in "What would you like to eat"?
People in a fast food joints, walking with their tray/bag and eating the fries before they sit down or leave.
Seeing/hearing someone order a cup of hot coffee with a burger.
When someone uses the "word" Coochie.
When little kids lick their snot.
When someone's shorts ride up their butt/front, and gets wedged and left for the world to see!
The way my husband says the number 3... or when he uses 'Grand' instead of 'Thousand'!
Certain foods to touch on my plate, or for bread of any kind to get wet! I WILL NOT TOUCH IT!
Those little baby corns... I've had screaming nightmares over them.
People in Jesus of Naz sandals with socks, flip flops in the rain.
Grape Kool-Aid... and not because of Jim Jones' cult.
My sister saying 'sword', insisting that the 'w' isn't silent.
The word 'Earth' being pronounced as 'Earff'... not in a joking manner!
Actress Lani Turner's boxy shoulders.


  1. I have to agree with your list LOL!

  2. Thanks for the comment, this list will probably never end LOL!

  3. love your blog on thursday a true classic M

  4. Thank you, I appreciate your support. As it says in the tittle, this is/will be an ongoing list. I don't think there is much to gain from it, in terms of mental education/therapy. I just have so many quirks... why not share them?