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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today is not the same as any other day... it's worse and I feel as though I want it all to be over with. I'm sick of the crying spells and the alienation that the "Bitch" likes to hand out freely. I will be seeing my therapist in a couple of hours and I'm not quite sure what the hell is gonna come tumbling out this gob of mine. No doubt there'll be plenty of truths... but what about the dreaded question I will be asked? "Are you feeling like you want to harm yourself or others?" Well........... Look at these swollen red-ass eyes of mine.... and tell me WHAT you THINK I feel like doing to myself and others!


  1. Hugs and prayers sent out to you, Beautiful Adams. I am glad you have this blog as an outlet. You are a much too beautiful soul to destroy.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. My goal was to blog for therapy and to be open and honest about every thing that Mental Disorders dish-out. Everyday is a different struggle with all kinds of issues and sometimes you have the strength & abilities to cope!

  3. You are quite welcome. Its easy to see you not only have the strength & abilities to cope, but you have the determination as well. As therapeutic as this is for you to write, think of how therapeutic it also is for those who read and share your issues. I can only imagine how much you have helped those who thought no one could understand what they are going through. No one could be a better therapist than someone who shares your pain. Thank you for all you have helped by simply being here, and discussing what they have kept inside.

  4. You have made me feel joy, just by reading your comments. I thank you from the deepest part of my soul for understanding and for being YOU!

  5. I'm glad that I checked out your blog from your comment on my blog. I've been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. I suffer from extreme and debilitating anxiety and depression. After years of misdiagnosis and being incorrectly medicated, I'm finally being treated in a way that helps to curb my anxiety and depression. But the meds will never completely rid me of the anxiety and depression. They simply take the edge off and help me to feel something other than misery.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences here. What you're doing is important. And as anonymous said above, you have the opportunity to really help others who are suffering too.

    Sending good vibes!

  6. Hi Ami,
    I hear you about the meds only taking the edge off. It is a blessing when you're fortunate to have some "clarity" and "live"! Thank you for being honest and I look forward to reading/hearing more of your gift... of presence!