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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The last past week has been crazy, and I haven''t been able to accomplish much. My son's major medical appt is in 10 days and I am feeling the strain of anxiety taking over.  With no sleep COMES no concentration! However,  here's a goodie... I still have not given in and purchased any shoes!!


  1. Wow, I do the same exact thing. About a week before any "outing" I start coming up with reasons why I can't go. Then the day before I get diarrhea and start vomiting.

    I'm new to blogs and am enjoying yours. I just started blogging about my life with bipolar disorder. Here's my page, in case you're interest:

    Take care... I'll be back.

  2. Yes, the stress of the anxiety is just as bad as the actual event! It's all such a pain in the ass.. and such a waste... when it comes down to the quality of life! Shit, I just don't know!