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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dee's surgery poem.. unfinished

I am still trying to write Dee's surgery poem... but I simply can not get my thoughts to connect. I think my emotions are so raw at the moment... that there isn't much room for anything else. I will keep trying... maybe, I will be able to come-up with a different concept... we'll see. All I know is that boy is my HEART, and I can't bare the thought of him hurting in anyway!


  1. Sending big hugs your way, BA. I can think of nothing more painful than watching your child suffer. As parents, we always wish we could take the pain so they won't have to deal with it. I can't protect you & him from what you are going through, but I can be here for you when you need a friend. Prayers & love to you and Dee.


  2. Thanks Sweetie,
    You always know when I need a helping ear.. LOL! I don't think it ever gets easier, just a bit manageable. Right now I think I'm in my "lets do this" mode, so that we can move on to a more pleasant place.. Luv/Hug
    I truly appreciate you ALL~~