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Monday, November 22, 2010

Year o' Pisces

Wasn't going to write today... but seeing how it was the first day of treatment with the new Dr. I may as well tell how frustrated I became cause the damn clerks sent me way out near the airport and my appt was not even there. Anyway he turned out to be a nice Gent. This evening I started writing again,,, song lyrics but became very sad,, started thinking of my friends that are no longer alive, and my son's poem, I just cant seem to finish it without crying! Also talked to a psychic, and there was some clarity, that I had been seeking for some time. It's not gonna be an easy task, but a necessary task. She also told me things, big things are starting to happen for me.. and I am holding that close to the heart/mind! My year.. the year of this Pisces is gonna rock~~

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