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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In a few hours

We will be on our way to yet another surgery. I'm feeling anxious and somewhat depressed. I know the reason why the depression has crept up, it's because I will not be able to take away what Dee will be feeling. As a mother, that seems to be one of the biggest challenges in life and it never ceases, it seems! Anxiety is always a lurker. For the past month it's been making appearances here and there. In a few hours... I expect that anxiety will be a constant companion.

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  1. BA, when you feel overwhelmed tomorrow (and you will) know that we all will be there with you. You carry each of us with you in your heart, and you & Dee are tucked safely in ours. All of our prayers and love will be with you both. Tell Dee to keep smiling. God gave him that beautiful smile to help light the world. Big hugs to you & Dee. (Sneak him a kiss for me too when he isn't paying attention lol)♥

    Always your friend,