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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phony Pony

Yesterday, my son and I went to the store and there is a clerk there that flirts with me....yes, I flirt back. Anyways, when we got home I noticed that my "phony pony' was no longer attached to my head. We were looking high and low for it and all I could think of I that I NEVER CAN go back to the store. All theses thoughts were kicking my ass; was my pony in the mop-water he was preparing... as he was checking me out, was it hanging on the Cash machine, stuck in the beef jerky isle? I was in a panic, so I sent Dee out to the car to look for the hair-piece and there it was, in the back seat. That case was solved, but.... was it attached to my head when I entered the store, or just hiding in the back seat? I've gotta KNOW, that sucker is a heavy piece of hair.... you just don't notice it missing... but in my case maybe ya do.

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