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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today we found out that on June 29th Dee will be having another heart surgery! How do we feel bout this? Well, Dee is NOT scared or nervous... so he says. Me. I am shitting bricks.... how many times do they have to open his chest. And is this procedure gonna keep him from napping 6hrs a day, and give him a life?


  1. Beautiful,
    I'm so sorry you and Dee have to go thru this yet again.
    I often think it is harder on the family especailly you being his Mom. No mother wants to see her baby go thru any pain.Even if he's a grown man he's still your baby.

    I know,you have had a rough year and I pray that you will have peace during this time.

    My ear is always open if u ever want to chat,scream,cry,whatever.


  2. This is for Marie, Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Luv/Hug (I tried to publish your post,but don't know what happened)

  3. Beautiful

    Thinking and praying for you and Dee, it's just not fair. HUGS hon.


  4. Meemaw, I often think it's not fair, but if not him? Who then? I wish I had the answers to all these questions and more. For now prayers and tears will have to do.

  5. hi beautiful, i hope you are doing well. you sure have been on my mind lately, especially your being a mom and dee's surgery is nearing.

    i am saying prayers for all to go as well as it is possible to go! praying after this surgery that dee can feel so much better.

    and just praying for you to be all right too and for you as a mom to get through all of this with as much strength as you can.

    not to long ago i walked in and a program on tv was talking about children with heart issues. children who had had surgeries and valve replacement etc. they were saying how far we have come with the surgeries and what they can now accomplish. i remember thinking about dee and thinking you live in or near los angles, and how that means dee can have the best of the best doctors and medical care.

    i know you said dee had always had the same surgeon but this time he will have a new doctor. i am sure dee's previous doctor would make sure dee only get's the best.

    i am sorry i didn't grab the moment when i had a chance to introduce myself and just say what was in my heart. i met your mom and i really like who she is. and from when your mom mentioned you dee and what a strong person you are and how proud she is to have you for her son, i also knew i really liked you too.

    please tell dee i am thinking about him and praying he feels so much better soon! i am sending get well hugs all the way from near chicago.

    take care of yourself too beautiful!

    with my love to you and your son, linda (ms.p.)

  6. hi b.a. honey, just wanted to say hi. hope you are doing well. and i hope Dee is healing and feeling better. have not seen you tweet in a while, so please don't feel you have to answer. just saying hi ♥ ms. p (linda)

  7. beautiful, the other day i read something i was thinking of sharing with you. i decided not to bother you with it. i think it was about eating something that can help some suffering w/depression.

    but today i was reading first magazine. on page 38 is sara stein m.d. talking abt loosing 100lbs. pg 39 is "take the vitamin that acts like a diet pill." have no idea if she knows what she is talking abt or not but, interesting talk about vitamin D and depression. "i find with my patients that vitamin d is the single most effective antidepressant i have ever prescribed." i wonder if she is making a correct association? if she is correct, i was thinking people with depressive illnesses should make sure that a vit d deficiency does not contribute to their problem. have no idea how expensive to test for a level.

    if this is something new to you, maybe it would be worth looking into to see what you think about it.

    well i am off to make a couple of calls,
    wish you all the best, linda

    i just googled and see it is a talked about subject so you probably do know about it. i am sending this to you anyway.