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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dee's latest

Found out Friday that all Dee's surgery didn't go as planned. There is a muscle that is in the way, behind a valve. (I think that is what was told to me) Anyway, he has some leakage that is in 2 places. He goes back in 4 mos. He's doing well, still tired tho. Me???? I bought 2 pairs of boots!!


  1. hello beautiful, i want to say oh my god! i mean i did read your saying there was more surgery in the near future but this is so hard on the two of you. i hope dee has things to do that can keep him occupied while he continues to recover. if possible i pray you both have some normalcy.

    beautiful, recently my brother was diagnosed with peritoneal mesotheleoma cancer. he was flying from chicago to go out east to surgeon. one thing is that my parents who went with len, they brought one of those mini recorders. they used for office appointments and when len had surgery. len's doctor was just fine with there using the recorder. and i think it did help to be able to go back and listen. it might be possible for you and dee to do the same if you wanted to. (if they object i wonder if you promise or sign not to use in any legal way, then they would.)

    len's cancer is not curable at this time but right now (6months later) they don't see any cancer. he was very sick in e.r. and went into shock and they took him into surgery and he had terrible case of diverticulosis. well that surgery led to cancer diagnosis from biopsy samples. but then len too (like dee) had to wait 4 months before he could have more surgery to be strong enough. (i realize dee's is really longer.)

    i don't really know much about dee's particular condition or cardiac conditions at all. but i did look up cardiac conditions recently to try to understand at least some. does dee have to have open heart surgeries? if you don't want to say, please don't. just simply asking if dee and you are okay talking about it.

    two pairs of boots :-)))!!! way to go!!! i am kinda picturing you stomping around in them. probably not that kind of boots ;-)

    if i can do anything for you please tell me. love and hugs to you both, linda

  2. Linda,
    Thank you for sharing your story with me. It does it to know that there are others going through rough times too. He has has open heart surgery in the past, a couple of times. In four months who knows! I like the tape recorder idea :-D

  3. thanks for answering, have a great day :-)

  4. hi beautiful, i am hoping you are doing well. praying dee is healing and feeling better everyday!
    big hugs to you both, linda

  5. Hi Linda!
    We both are doing well, just been very busy with everyday life. Hope all is well with you and your family!