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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Eye Of The Doc

Funny how the universe rolls... I was at my Mother&Sister's house helping them with a project. I went outside to unload the car and my niece calls out that my cell is ringing and it's the Dr. with a reminder of my next day appt. I told her to cancel it and I'll deal with it later. Back into the house, my mother looks kinda puzzled and asks me why I did that? I told her that I was needed back here tomorrow to help Jan Brady (my sister). Mother then says maybe you should just go to your appt, don't you need to speak with the doctor? I said, "I don't feel like seeing her". The rest is as follows:
Mother: Are you still pissed off about the medication mix-up last month?
Me: No, just not in the mood to see her.
Mother:  Why not?
Me: (ready to explode) Because I don't want to look at her, I saw she had a wonky eye the last time, it agitated the hell out of me!!!
Mother: A WHAT? (lots of laughter) What the hell is a wonky eye?
Me: Her eye was jacked and I hadn't noticed it before. This time when she asked me if I felt like doing  myself or anyone else IN... I almost told her what I was feeling.
Mother: What were your feelings, I don't understand? (joining her in laughter, my sister)
Me: Look!!! When she asked that question, I noticed her damn eye wobbling all over her face... I felt like kicking her in it, making it crash thru the back of her skull. There... now you know, are you satisfied?
Mother:(looking thoughtful, still giggling) Wait, a second... I don't see how you could be so uptight about her eye, you dated Pete for what... 5 years? Hell, he was stabbed in the eye... his EYE is DEAD!!!


  1. just stopped in to read your entry here and wanted to offer some advise...This doctor?... you better keep an eye on her!!!chuckle It's nice to know life is laughable. hugs, methinks

  2. Heee Heee, It's amazing the things you notice about people. Actually, it says more about me and my hang-ups. I cringe every time I read @BNN and someone post... "I have been following this case from DAY ONE". MeThinks, I get all tensed and mad as HELL!

  3. You sure as hell hide it good! methinks

  4. I thought I had posted this but it must not have taken, so I'll say it again: You sure as hell hide it well! I bet if some of those people that say that read you blog they would be alittle more careful as not to piss you off!

  5. Trust me, it's there. Just today at Jack-N-Box I was at the Drive-Thru, while speaking to one of my sisters on the phone. The Guy screwed up my order every time he repeated it back to me. Guess my tone changed,'cause my sister shouted thru the phone(speaker) to him, "will you please get her order straight and hurry the fuck-up". Wow, and I'm the flipper of the family.

  6. Would it be accurate to say she saved his life? or atleast saved him from having his tiny little balls cut off? sisters are the bomb!

  7. I think so, he apologized so damn much tho.. which of course irritated me, because I just wanted it over with. Yet, this is the same sister that I wanted to put out my car one day at a red light, cause she annoyed the hell out of me.

  8. You need valium sister!

  9. Ahhh, lovely Valium... puts me to sleep. During the day, when the Panic/Anxiety attacks happen, it's very difficult to take anything, atleast it is for me. Because whatever it is (meds) will send me to bed. I try to do the breathing techniques, let my mind wander, or simply break down and have a cry. Sometimes, the crying helps the most.... go figure!