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Monday, December 28, 2009

No Title, No Sense

Fell asleep by 10:30 pm and was awaken at around 1am. I knew that I would not be sleeping soundly, and that once I woke, I would be hard pressed to find a glint of comfort... for being allowed to receive another day.   Why? Because my problems are still here and NO favorable solution is on it's way to me. I swear, I'd rather be subjected to Mr. Gordon Ramsey's tyrannical abuse, than to have a repeat of these past few hours. Heck... I'd even prefer to be haunted, and beaten into submission by those insane-ass wefts of determination, he sports on his menacing face!! Yeah, I'm off to Jack N The Box.


  1. Damn I wish we had a jack in the box where I live so I could call them on the phone and say: "Is jack really in the box"? or "Do you jack off in the box"? or "Why is jack in the box"? I spose they've heard em' all huh? How about: " Is Jill in the box with jack?" "What are they doing in that box?" Okay I must be getting tired my humor is being stupid. I'm driven to vomit. goodnight cent, it was great chatting with ya'. peace methinks

  2. Goodnight... nice chatting with you also.