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Monday, December 28, 2009

You Never Know

How to claw your way out of Depression, Bi-polar-ism, Anxiety... and any other mental/emotional pit you can think of. Jeez, I wish I had the answers, I'd give them away free of charge, so no one would have to have my experience. It's forever touch and go with me, it's a everyday praying fest, its a "hypnotic" hoping for a "good" day trance. Many would say, what's wrong with that (the prayer bit)? Well, it's a prayer of a different kind, I want to say it's like a prayer for a loved one when it seems all hope is lost, or they may be in danger somehow. I'll come clean and say it... most won't... it's like A Death Bed Prayer. And to be honest, sometimes the recipient changes, you just never know.

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