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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anxiety Not Limited To

My  emotions/anxiety were right on point in regards to going downtown. The experience itself wasn't that difficult. It was the surrounding events that led me into high anxiety mode. Living on 3-4 hours a sleep every other day is not existing at all. It took everything in my soul to get out of bed, shower, dress. Then to hit the garage and notice that I had a flat tire... didn't help!!
Sharp... spike in Anxiety
I made my way to my sister's house, of course she was not ready. So I sat in the living room while she got dressed. She returns sporting the same damn sweat suit that I was wearing, same color and all. What the hell! She did this shit the last time we went some where, together.
At one point sitting at a red light.. I was so agitated by her outfit, that I felt like putting the car in park, getting out and opening the passenger's door, lean in... unbuckle her seat belt, then politely ask her to exit the vehicle... then drive off. Yes, it came to that!
Anxiety Not Limited To
Once all the business of downtown was taking care of, (I had no major hiccups) we went to Wienerschnitzel. And at the drive-thru, as I place our orders, I noticed that the clerk/order taker's voice sounded like an excited high school cheerleader. Imagine my surprise when I handed over the dough at the window, and didn't see what I assumed I would. It turns out that the woman  looked as if she had graduated high school some 45 years ago. gripe is NOT about her age/employment... it's about her being a "high talker", which in itself should have no bearing on me at all, seeing that our verbal exchange was very limited, and the fact that I don't live with the chick, so there shouldn't be a problem... right?. Never the less, I will not be going back there.
Anxiety Not Limited To
Now to round out our day we headed to Walmart. As we sat in the parking lot waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, a white SUV caught my eye. The driver was trying her best to park... she came in from every angle at least 5 times.  During my observation my sister had been running her mouth... AGAIN! I guess I tuned her out... really well, because she finally asked "Why aren't you answering me? I turned to her and said "You have two choices, put your cigarette out to go into the store...NOW, or I snatch the driver right out her window and PARK her truck FOR her". All my sister could manage was... WoW !!
Anxiety Not Limited To The Present
Everyone has their little quirks. I'm wondering if perhaps mine have increased, and if so when and why? I'm so easily annoyed by the craziest junk. Besides what I've spoken of earlier, here's an all time annoyance trigger. My husband has this thing he does when he gets his stupid Lattes from Starbucks. Every few sips from the straw, his ass has to hold the cup at some odd angle and then using his wrist, he starts to Swirl and Swirl and Swirl. These are NOT sharp movements where the contents would have NO alternative BUT to shift/mix. So what is he accomplishing? One time we were in a book store, and he struck up a conversation with the clerk behind the counter, who by the way had a Grande Latte in her hand... I remember thinking here is another "hipster" following the coffee/bookstore "trend". So I walked away in search of my books not thinking anything more of the two latte holders. When I returned... low and behold both of them were doing the Swirling dance. Seeing the unencrypted emotions flash across my face, my husband says "See, Beautiful! It's just a spontaneous reaction when drinking one". I on the other hand have my suspicions, that he enlisted the clerk's assistance to further my scorn of this useless action.

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