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Monday, February 8, 2010

Haven't I ?

Here it is 2 am, I am tired and weary. Just got some unsettling news from my husband. Kick me when I'm down, then grind your damn heel in my ass... why don't you. I can not believe that life is dishing out, all this, my way! All I ever wanted was to maintain a happy, prosperous life. Well, it seems as though fate has decided to lock-down my present with a chain of misfortune. I mean really, who do you have to fuck in order to catch a break in this lifetime? Lets see, I'm battling Bipolar-ism, have lost my home, can't find a job, 1/4 of my waking hours are spent thinking about death, I'm tormented by guilt, I've convinced myself that I am a bad mother, and I have a tremendously painful sore in my nose! I'm just saying... haven't I suffered enough?

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