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Monday, February 1, 2010

Your Mom's a Bitch

I remember waking with the most intense sensation coursing through my body. It seemed as though EVERY vein, nerve and bone had collapsed, it was agony. For a few moments I was dazed, unsure of what to make of this. Actually, I'm not convinced that I was capable of forming any thoughts, other than, I did NOT want to be here, I did NOT want to feel ANYTHING. With tears flowing... I considered allowing Depression and it's ever present, tag-a-long sibling, Anxiety... to claim another victim... to run home to their Bitch of a Mother Bi-Polar, and boast of their glorious bullied-filled... triumph! I am so fucking sick and tired of these coward-ass bastards, I could BITCH slap them ALL, and I WILL
But for now... I will settle for a little name calling, and a damn nap!!!

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