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Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Shall See

Just been reminded that I have an appt tomorrow with a new counselor/therapist or something like that. So I'm faced with that dreaded tricky thought... how much do I tell, how much of the truth should be given when asked those  "loony" detecting questions!? As I have been forthcoming and honest here, I think I may just direct her attention to my words. Honestly, I'm not in the mood for anyone to be judgmental/condescending to me or my worries/fears/thoughts/pain! I know I will not respond positively to that, if it's hurled my way. So anyways... I've got many hours to contemplate what this appt will bring to my life. And yes, of course I'm aiming for a good outcome, pretty desperate for one these days!!


  1. Beautiful;

    I hope it goes well and is productive in it's outcome. Lord knows there's much to be stressed out about these days! I think you sharing your "words" with her/him would be very productive. I found many times, once in the room with therapist, I can't think of much to talk about. This may help open some doors for you both to connect through.

    Good luck...Will be praying for the best!


  2. Yep... I hope so too! Hopefully some of these pesky thoughts will ease on out, and maybe ease on down the road! That sure would be nice. Just hope she doesn't piss me off! I'm already agitated by the thought of her words/demeanor... and I've never met the chick! Boy, do I need some help!!