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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beef Jerky Crisis~~She Writes Blog

As I lay here watching the end of The Tudors, a stick of beef jerky catches my eye. A little kid came by earlier selling the jerky for a dollar to raise money for his church. I decided to be kind and donate the buck. Well, that purchase has haunted me, for I got the idea in my head that somehow it is poisoned. That someone, maybe the boy's father stuck a syringe filled with an awful substance through the protective wrapping, stabbing the meat. This thought is bugging the hell out of me. On one hand I want to clear my head and toss the Jerky into the trash, yet, I feel as though that would be giving in to my neurotic fears. Also, shouldn't I have more faith in my fellow man? I think for now, I shall play it safe and leave it be. And eat some grapes instead, as I watch The Ten Commandments.

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