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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Things That I Hate, That Shouldn't Matter ~~~~Ongoing List

1) When someone decides to change the spelling on Shit to Chit, as if that makes it more acceptable.
2) Unripened fruit of any kind.
3) Seeing a BIG ass TODDLER groping it's Mommy's tit-tay.
4) When my sister constantly asks "What did they do" while watching the same damn movie, that I am watching!
5) Allstate Roadside Assistance, I waited 4hrs on the Hwy with a shredded tire.
6) Jack Rabbit towing, their tow truck broke down, yet they failed to notify me 2hrs into my wait. They Suck!!
7) People telling me that I have "high expectations" instead of acknowledging my "mania".
8) Back Cleavage and Camel Toes... on anyone!
9) Any sentence that starts with "The fact of the matter is" or "Here's the thing"... Ugg!!
10) When there is a heavy breather at the dinner table.

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