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Monday, July 19, 2010

Got lots of stuff to do this week, and am already tired. I did install a new battery in my car... all by myself this weekend, but still in need of a Tune-Up... hoping to find a "straight" place to take it to! Am missing my son terribly, and it's getting harder to deal with... those feelings of guilt are threatening to take over and I am trying to stay focus on what I want/need to accomplish, for... it will only benefit my family! Now, as far as the Bipolar issues... well I have ordered 4 more pairs of shoes... from China. Yes, I know what this looking like, but hey, lovely shoes have always been a weakness! And another yes... I do get a high from shoe shopping, it makes me "happy". The third yes... umm, totals up to 11 pairs within a month... I think!


  1. Dear fellow sufferer: I, too, know the trauma of the "black hole." It is a nasty place to hang around in, isn't it? The black hole is my constant companion, my lonely, cold prison. My illness is an inoperable tumor that causes me a dreadful amount of pain. Day in and day out this pain controls my life, who I am and everything I do. I, also, cannot survive without medication.
    I am new to your blog, I know nothing about you. But I do want you to know-----you are not alone; it feels as if you are, but you are not. Other living human beings know your suffering and are offering you hope. hope is all that matters--------tie a knot, hang on, my friend, you are a lovely child of God or the universe or whatever you want!!!! Your child needs you and it is your job as your child's mother, to continue to battle that black hole. just to take another breath and then another-----just hang on and keep trying-----------------buy all the shoes you want, whatever it takes-----------don't give up
    your friend, sharon

  2. Thank you for your post. I will pray for you and your condition. I guess we all have something in our lives that REFUSES to bow-down! I wish you much peace!