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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Had an anxiety attack, feeling very overwhelmed! I received a call from the hospital where my son had/has his heart surgeries.  It's time to go in! I am terrified because he has grown so much since the last surgery, and for the last 3yrs, there has been some troubles/issues/concerns regarding his health. Boy, today just sort of slapped me backwards. I still have not had any sleep and I do NOT know how I will recover!!


  1. Beautiful;
    Love and light to you and your dear son. I pray that all will go well and he will be healthier then before. May you find rest to be better strengthened for the road ahead. I have a never fail, non-drug, easy sleep remedy. I wish I had thought to tell you it before. It works everytime for me, if I make myself do it. Sometimes I resist. I'll email it to you.
    Love you

  2. Thank you, I need all the Loving Light!

  3. beautiful adams, every time you mention your son, i cannot only feel the love you have for your son, i can hear you saying what a special person he really is. i too would like to add my prayers and wishes for his surgery to be as easy on him as possible and that he will be healthier than before.
    i wish i had some great advice for you and how you are doing, but, i don't. i do think when we get overwhelmed/scared, focusing (the best we can!) on living in the very moment, minute or day we are in, can help. and of course praying. i really hope hgm's remedy for sleep helps you. take care of yourself! and (((HUGS))) ms. p.

  4. Good to see/read you Ms.P! Yes, he is a very special individual, the love of my life. This would be his 5th{?} procedure. It never gets easier, but some-what manageable... it is what we have been given! Will be trying the HollyG cure tonight! Thank you for your support,(luv/hugs)