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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Again no sleep... and I'm feeling it but not really in an exhausted way. More like in my coordination is off, and that I need/should stay put... cause nothing good is gonna come from trying to be active. And the creepy crawly pest is back, face feels like it's covered in cob-webs... arms and legs are not happy, I've practically *deskinned* them! I've been having mini anxiety attacks since yesterday... and deep breathing ain't helping. This afternoon my son called to inform me that he received paperwork for his MRI.. and that the appointment was moved up to the 2nd... I have my suspicion as to why it was changed and I'm not trying to go there in thought! This evening I worked on setting up another blog, email, twitter for a project I've been wanting to do. I am really bad at that kind of thing... it is so time consuming! MAN, I THINK I MAY GO TO THE HOSPITAL TONIGHT... THIS FUCKING ITCHING IS TORTURE... I CAN'T TAKE IT... JUST CAN'T!!

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