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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What am I going to do, what can be done?

I have been up all night, earlier I had bit of a meltdown. My kid was calling non stop... just to make sure I wasn't out clubbing or something.. The love I have 4 my son is so much that there are really NO adequate words to describe it. But today I just needed to concentrate on a few important things. I'm tired and have been searching online for affordable Apartments.... not having any luck. And I will tell you, that going from owning your own house to sleeping on your sister's couch.. to looking into moving into an apartment is so disheartening... it hurts like hell!


  1. anxiety is always in our daily lives but we must improve our health care, I understand your upset but that's what happens in everyday life.

  2. Have you tried meditation? It can help.

  3. Actually, yes I have tried meditation.... but to be honest, the thoughts just get on a particular road and they keep going. Thank You for leaving a comment!