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Friday, November 26, 2010

Mid Sis & Me

My middle sister and I were talking about all the things that are plaguing me... and I made a joke about something, maybe about my Grandmother who just arrived here today from the South, she promptly told my sister that I broke her leg! Well, I have NOT seen Grandma Ruth probably in over 16yrsI found that hilarious. So Mid sister said are you gonna tweet about it? I said No... some shit is sacred... she said the hell shit is with you.... you told all about Uncle Prentiss with his one leg being pushed in the grocery cart, still trying to pimp.... I said.. that's different, I'm trying to get noticed my Seth MacFarlane! We of course laughed our asses off because... we got so much family shit info all around, it's kinda scary. Anyway, Mid Sis paid me a compliment... she said, I'm glad you're laughing... I asked what she meant.... and she said well, the other day you sounded so blue... it wasn't you... it wasn't my lil sis! She was correct!!


  1. LOL I love your stories about your family. Would make for a great sitcom. ♥ BH

  2. Thanks... we were just talking and she says Granny still insisting I broke her leg. I told Mid Sis to tell her I apologize.. haaa haaa. Do I dare go see her tomorrow?