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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Will expand on this... later... when I calm down.

I've just been hit with something from my Mother... regarding Dee and his re-scheduled surgery.  Some of you know that I left her house last week and NO longer will be caring for Granny. I have shared some of the frustrations with my pals, but have held back a lot more... a lot more that is freakin UNBELIEVABLE.


  1. You need to take care of you and Dee, right now that's more than enough. I wish u much strength and peace my friend. HOMER

  2. "Family" always, always trying to use my LOVE for my SON against me.

  3. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.We all know how much you have been thru and especially taking care of your Granny.You must take care of you first and to not have or allow anyone to make you feel guilty. You've done the best that you can do and it's you and Dee that needs to be first. I wish you the best.You are a very kind hearted and don't allow anyone to tell you or make you feel anything different.
    I pray you find peace.
    Many of us love you

  4. Peace was exactly what I was/am looking for. I've come to the conclusion that, that is what some people/family would not have me to experience. Sad, but true!

  5. BA, you hang tough, sweety. Don't ever allow yourself to be emotionally blackmailed. You & God know what you have in your heart for Dee and no one else can ever take away from that. Love ya both and you 2 are in my prayers always. ♥ BH

  6. You nailed it Beat! I couldn't quite put my finger on it but that is exactly what it is... I was constantly feeling "used".. but it was deeper. Thanks~

  7. so sorry to read your post, about what you are going through! i am happy you were able to leave and wish both you and dee all the best. you most certainly deserve the right to have the best life you are able to make for yourself and your son. you both deserve to have all the peace and happiness and everything good you can get! and that is not to even mention, we all have limits with what we can or should take on!

    obviously some don't intend to make things easy for you. but you know what is right! you are so smart, you need to listen to your own voice first! and keep talking to those who support you beautiful!

    if it is alright, tell dee, he is my hero for taking such good care of you when you needed help. for his calling 911 and going in the ambulance and staying with you. your son's heart shines very bright just like his mothers!

    take care, ms.p. w/♥♥♥/OOO

  8. Thank you! I count myself blessed/lucky that I have so many wonderful people HERE giving me that much needed extra support. I will tell Dee... he is also my hero, I am tooo proud of him him. Luv/Hug

  9. hi beautiful, i wrote u some notes, but, decided not to post them to u. some(x) being a blog/twitter bud is hard 2 no when it is okay to bother, push, or whatever the right word is? i am praying dee's surgery goes well & he feels healthy. u told us u added abilify to your meds, it has not been a month yet, truly hoping that helps u. my best guess was your mom sd u could not come & stay @ her house when dee has his surgery. i really was hoping IF that is what happened, that it was just her anger talking & u 2 would find a way through that, or whatever the real issue is.

    i do feel i know u. at least your character and your goodness and your kindness has shown through. i don't no ur life & ur family. i don't know your available choices in life. i just know i hope things move 4ward for u in the best way.

    i was just so sad to see your blog was shut down. & now i wrote this note, it is back - hhhhah. YEA! i thought u had 2 or u chose to shut down. well i did so hope it did not mean anything bad. and at the same X you have no pic on twitter? (for all i know things r good 4 U or U R just busy...or whatever, it is ur business. just saying i am not assuming - bad)

    well i just want to say i care♥ i will always send good thoughts your way. linda (this note is just for you.)

  10. :-) as always hoping things are getting better for you. take care ♥
    p.s. i kept thinking about you the other day when i was watching rhony reruns. and also, andy c on his 100th live anniversary. i think u said andy is messy. he IS! but,mostly i thought that 100th espisode show a lot fun. romona and jill always manage to come together somehow.
    p.p.s. messy, meaning that andy goes to far sometimes or maybe crosses lines you wouldn't? at least that is what i think. & i thought that is what u meant. i should have asked.

  11. Hello You!
    Yes, that is what I was talking about. Andy seems to be really "running" things. He likes it when it gets dirty between the women, his face contorts and he gets that menacing grin. But for his salary.. who wouldn't? Luv/Hug