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Friday, April 2, 2010

Was not going to make an entry...

Anyway, yesterday I left to run an errand or two... moving about with just 4 hours of sleep. I felt fine at first... That was... until I was sitting at a red light in the direction of the home that I lost. Every emotion was called back into the classroom from recess... and boy... o'boy... they were restless as hell. I had to pull the car over and  take a few deep breathes. The extra oxygen did nothing for this body, I felt like getting out the car and just walking away.  Find a steady stride... hang on to it...  never look back.! Then my phone rings and it's my son. The sound of that boy's voice, made my heart sink, throat tighten up, eyes blurrier. I somewhat got myself together to hold a conversation with him. Although it was a much needed  powerful distraction... I don't think he was fooled!!

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